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Drain Mob is your trusted partner whenever a sewer camera inspection in San Diego, CA, is needed. Since 2017, we’ve been finding and fixing drain and sewer problems using our advanced camera inspection technology. Know that our team can provide you with a full report that details the condition of your pipes.

Having your drain and sewer pipes inspected can be the best way to prevent a small problem from getting bigger. On top of that, a video pipe inspection provides peace of mind to our customers, allowing them to know with verified certainty the condition of their drain and sewer systems.

How Does a Sewer Inspection Work?

All of our pipe inspection services start with a detailed consultation. Our drain specialists get to know your concerns and evaluate the general health of your sewer system. We then enter your drains from a single access point and insert our equipment.

sewer line inspection

During the sewer video camera inspection, we’re able to see the camera feed on a monitor that also records our progress. Afterward, we provide a full report as well as solutions to fix any issues we see during our inspection.


  • You’re concerned about a drain or sewer issue
  • You’ve noticed uneven draining in sinks, tubs and basins
  • You smell foul odors near your drains
  • You’ve been hearing bubbling or gurgling near your drains as water flushes

Why Choose Our Team for Sewer Camera Inspections?

Drain Mob is proud to be a locally-owned drain company providing sewer line inspection to the San Diego region. Below are just a few of the many reasons our customers count on us for comprehensive results:

  • Our San Diego drain technicians are all licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We’ve been the trusted drain services leader since 2017
  • We provide residential and commercial services
  • All of our services come with a workmanship guarantee
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Sewer Camera Inspection FAQs

Contact Our Team and Benefit from Comprehensive Video Drain Inspection Services

Drain Mob is proud to serve the San Diego community with comprehensive drain camera inspections. Schedule one today by calling us or filling out the online form.